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This website was created by my husband Nick and myself.  We both have a deep love, respect and reverence for nature.  20% of the proceeds from our website go directly to help conservation efforts and to support rescues.

We created this website to honor the animals who have always appeared to us and guided us. We live by the principle that all things are connected, and that every living thing is an expression of divine energy or “the universe” or however you choose to view it.

Our goal is to not only share spiritual animal meanings, but to raise awareness about the animals themselves. Many species are threatened, endangered and need our help for their continued survival.

We believe that humanity has increasingly distanced and separated itself from each other, the animals and the planet we live on, and that is unfortunate. We hope that our website will help you connect with your animal spirit guides – and the animals in general, in new and meaningful ways. Earth’s creatures have much to teach us, and have been revered in many cultures throughout history for a reason!

As a child, I began having animals appear to me regularly in dreams. Some were very pleasant and others frightened me. As I grew older and began awakening, the Great Horned Owl appeared to me all the time. Very beautiful and mysterious, I recognized him from years before when he used to be one of the animals that haunted me in my dreams.

This time he showed me how to open up my “inner eyes and ears”.. to tune into the Spirit world without fear. I have loved and revered owl ever since. His image and likeness hangs in every corner of my home.

Whenever I feel perplexed in life or have difficulty connecting with my source to find answers – his golden outline will appear to me in shadows or in my minds eye. I know then that I can journey in safety. He is my guardian and my guide. I remember at one point in my life I was ignoring some things that really needed my attention. In my dream he bit my ear – hard! I woke up and my ear was hurting and so I paid attention. The messages I received after that changed my life for the better because I was willing then to listen!

Although I revere owl as my guardian and power animal – many other animals have guided and inspired me on my journey. I have always loved ants, found them fascinating and I see them quite often in odd places.

Spiders are my shadow totem. I feared them and had nightmares about them as a child, but now I love them and I watch them spin their webs and I do my best to protect them. They seem to pop up whenever I need to face a fear in life. Usually they take the form of a wolf spider whose size is very intimidating – especially when it gets in the house!

Cardinals often come to visit when I am about to get a happy surprise or when I need to be on the lookout for a “hidden” opportunity.

Nick’s power animal is the black panther. He first recognized it as his power animal when the black panther at the zoo jumped at the cage to get his attention. After that, he began to see their images everywhere and was drawn to learn more.

He learned that this animal represented courage and assertiveness. Nick is very reserved and guarded by nature and panther helps him to have comfort to be himself and to demonstrate quiet strength. Nick has practiced Aikido for many years and has a natural inner strength much like his guardian. Nick is also clairaudient (able to hear the voices of the spirit world} He was pleasantly surprised to learn that Panther often appears around those with this unique, and often disconcerting, ability.

Other animals that have guided him on his path are the goat and the bobcat. Goats show up in his dreams and bobcats have appeared to him in person in rural areas. Goat signifies reaching for new heights and endeavors. They tend to show up when you need to push yourself to grow in new directions and see what you are truly capable of. The bobcats that appear to Nick are stunningly beautiful creatures. They come to tell you that all you need is in the process of manifesting and they also promote the values of quiet inner strength and trust in one’s self and higher senses.

So, what is your totem animal? This site is dedicated to helping you find out!

We hope you’ll dig in, enjoy a free reading, learn more about discovering and working with animal spirit energy, and even if that isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy learning more about the fascinating creatures highlighted in these pages.

Thanks for visiting!