rooster totem animal symbolism

Rooster Totem

Rooster Totem

The rooster symbolizes personal strength, self-promotion, and recognition. Roosters are very assertive and proud to show off their lovely plumage. Roosters arrive to announce the dawn of a new day – and with that the potential for new possibilities.

The day is what you make of it and the roosters early call says to “get moving”. Rooster symbolizes pride (but not arrogance), and making the most of opportunities.

Personal Reflection…

When rooster appears to you it means it’s time to build confidence in yourself and promote yourself in career/business areas. Rooster people are early to jump on opportunities and don’t allow for procrastination.

Rooster people are practical, diligent, hard workers. When rooster appears to you it suggests the need to adopt these traits yourself at the present time in order to make progress.

Dream Symbolism

Roosters in dreams are said to be signs of good luck. Fighting roosters however symbolize family difficulties.

Learn More About Roosters

Although roosters can be found in every climate except the Arctic, they prefer warmer, milder climates. Roosters/chickens are omnivorous and eat worms and insects as well as grains and grasses. Chickens are the closest living relatives to the T-Rex and vastly outnumber all other birds on the planet.

You can honor the energy of your favorite animal by placing their likeness in your home or space. Many people love roosters and you can find them adorning many decor items.  I personally like this fun, art glass wine topper with all the vibrant colors.  Unique piece and sure to get noticed.