Discover Your Totem Animals…

Animal symbolism appears throughout history in nearly all cultures and traditions, and this wisdom is still valuable today. Every animal has a message; meaningful lessons that can be applied to our lives to help us grow and reach our fullest potential. When we align with the animals and the world we live in, we become more spiritually aware and mindful.

If you’ve ever dreamed of certain animals or had them appear to you throughout your life or during memorable periods in your life – chances are you’ve encountered what is known as a totem animal.

Even if you don’t believe in Totem animals as spirit guides; the lessons the animals teach can still inspire you. I encourage you to look around and learn more about totem animals, shadow totems, and power animals. Learn how to discover yours and even get a free Totem reading.

What is my Totem Animal?

Your animal totems can be any animal that you feel drawn to. There are “power totems” – animals that follow you through your whole life journey and help you develop your inherent strengths and talents. There are also “shadow totems” that teach us to master our fears and conquer shortcomings.

This website features the meanings of various totem animals as well as different techniques you can use to discover and connect with your animal spirit guides. Learn the animal symbolism associated with various totems and see how their wisdom applies to your path.

Totem List: The Animals Defined
Discover Your Totem Animal(s)
Discover Your Shadow Totem

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”.
~ John Muir

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