This website was created by my husband Nick and myself.  We both have a deep love, respect and reverence for nature.

We created this website to honor the animals who have always appeared to us and guided us. We live by the principle that all things are connected, and that every living thing is an expression of divine energy or “the universe” or however you choose to view it.

Our goal is to not only share spiritual animal meanings, but to raise awareness about the animals themselves. Many species are threatened, endangered and need our help for their continued survival.

We believe that humanity has increasingly distanced and separated itself from each other, the animals and the planet we live on, and that is unfortunate.

We hope that our website will help you connect with your animal spirit guides – and the animals in general, in new and meaningful ways. Earth’s creatures have much to teach us, and have been revered in many cultures throughout history for a reason!

So, what is your totem animal? This site is dedicated to helping you find out!

We hope you’ll dig in, enjoy a free reading, learn more about discovering and working with animal spirit energy, and even if that isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy learning more about the fascinating creatures highlighted in these pages.

Thanks for visiting!