Alligator Totem

Alligator Totem

The alligator has an armored body and is a calm yet fierce predator. It understands the importance of slowing ones breath and waiting patiently for the right moment to act. The alligator totem encourages precision and persistence.

Alligators are considered guardians of deep wisdom. They lie in wait at the surface of the water, aware of all that goes on around them.

Comfortable on both land and in the water; they symbolize harmony between our inner spiritual, intuitive side and our analytical, problem solving skills.

Personal Reflection…

When alligator appears to you it speaks of finding balance between daily activities and taking time to go within and merely observe. It may be telling you that you are safe as you explore the depths of your own inner waters.

Sometimes the alligator totem gives a warning to “pay attention” to the path you’re on. Are you being hasty or waiting for the right time to act? Are you using both your intuition and your intellect together?

Alligator Dream Symbolism

In dreams, alligators foretell upcoming major changes. There is potential for danger or wrong moves if you were assaulted and defeated by it. If you win a fight with an alligator in your dream, you can be assured you have the skills necessary to make it through what lies ahead.

Facts About Alligators

Alligators have lived on Earth in the same form for more than 200 million years. They are considered a living fossil. Learn more about this resilient creature with these 17 facts about the American Alligator.

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