Ant Totem

Ant Totem

The ant is a hard worker and symbolizes order, diligence, and self-control. Ant appears around people who are social and like to work within a group dynamic. Ant people value community and the role they play in bettering it. Ant people value hard work and dedication above all else.

The ant teaches patience, diligence, and persistence. When you build your life according to these principles your hard work will reward you in due time.

Personal Reflection…

If ant has appeared to you it is time for you to consider whether or not you are ready for the task at hand. Are you willing to work hard – or are you looking for the path of least resistance? Do you need to surround yourself with others who are supportive?

Dream Symbolism

Ants showing up in your dreams may be telling you that you would benefit from some changes in your business or career path. If they pester you or “take over” and become bothersome; they may be telling you that you have a period of frustrating hard work ahead of you. Perhaps you should consider ways to streamline or narrow your focus a bit.

Learn More About Ants

For a creature who takes hundreds of naps a day, you would never guess how hard they actually work. Check out this fascinating video to learn more about these amazing little creatures.