Armadillo Totem

Armadillo Totem

Armadillo is well known by its characteristic armour that it uses to protect itself. Armadillo is a swift creature who is very adept at digging holes for finding food and for protecting itself. Many empathic people, because of their tendency to take on the aches, pains and “stuff” of others, will find they have an armadillo as a protector totem animal.

Symbolically this animal speaks of learning how to empathize with others while shielding oneself from directly taking on the emotions/pain of others.

Personal Reflection…

Armadillo may come into your life to show you to appreciate boundaries. You can be empathetic with others without becoming burdened by emotions and difficulties.

On the other hand, this totem may be asking you if you are avoiding taking chances because you fear being vulnerable? Are you too guarded? Perhaps it’s time to accept some risk and put yourself out there more. A need to find balance and become a more controlled empath.

Dream Symbolism

An armadillo in a dream may be telling you that you are covering up or hiding from your true feelings and desires. Time to be bold and take a chance on new opportunities.

Facts About Armadillos

Armadillos are surprisingly very adept swimmers, with the ability to hold their breath under water for up to six minutes! Learn some more fascinating facts about them in the video below.