Badger Totem

Badger Totem

Badger is known for its tenacity and for being a fierce protector with the ability to take down animals much larger than itself. Badgers will fight fearlessly and ferociously to protect what is dear to them.

They live in underground dwellings in small groups or clans. Badgers are very smart and resourceful creatures known for their lack of fear and tireless work. They are extremely persistent and will not give up until they get what they want.

Personal Reflection…

When badger shows up around you it indicates that you may be in the midst of a “battle” where your fight or flight instinct has been triggered. They also tend to show up around those who need more determination and persistence in order to reach their higher goals.

If your goal is truly worth having it will be worth “fighting” for, otherwise it may be time to choose a new direction. This animal being connected with the earth also symbolizes being more grounded and focused.

Dream Symbolism

Badgers that are digging or nesting in dreams symbolize persistence with reaching goals and mean that you have almost accomplished a larger goal. To see a badger running away or moving away from you means that a period of challenge is about to be resolved. Should a badger attack you or bite you, it means that you may be up for a tough battle, should the badger be injured itself; it means something may not be worth fighting for anymore.

Learn More About Badgers

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