Bat Totem

Bat Totem

Bat people are very perceptive – able to pick up on subtleties and hear “what’s not being said”. Bat symbolizes change, new beginnings, and the ability to hear the “inner voice”. Many people who are clairaudient carry this totem.

Bats symbolize rebirth. They move through the darkness with swiftness and grace and remind us that in times where we feel “in the dark” we must tune in to our finer senses and inner wisdom to guide us safely.

Bats are precise and efficient creatures and come into our lives to tell us to be more effective or adapt more precision in our work. Sometimes the answers are not easily seen so bats tell you to intuitively seek your answers in new ways.

Personal Reflection…

Bats are often misunderstood and feared, likely because they are creatures of the night and have a strange winged appearance. In lore, they are associated with vampires, but despite these myths, bats rarely bite unless threatened.

The largest bat species on the planet is 100% vegetarian,  eating only fruits and vegetables. When bat comes into your life reflect on instincts – allow yourself to be guided by your inner intuitive radar when answers are not readily apparent. Bat helps you see your way through the darkness.

Dream Symbolism

Bats in dreams tend to be omens of new opportunities and sometimes fear of change or moving into the new and unknown as well.

Learn More About Bats

The bat featured in the National Geographic video below is one of my personal favorites. It is also known as a “flying fox”. Unlike the typical bats we see, these bats eat fruit and do not depend on sonar.

They have an excellent sense of sight and smell. They also have wingspans of up to six feet! These gentle giants are very misunderstood – but utterly fascinating. They are native to Australia along with many other magnificent creatures.