Bear Totem

Bear Totem

Bear symbolism includes fertility, primal instincts, solitude, and protection. Those with a bear totem are somewhat reclusive, especially when under pressure. They require a great deal of personal space to rejuvenate.

Bear people will often “disconnect” for awhile and pursue projects. They become completely immersed in whatever they are working on. Protective and territorial, bear women make excellent mothers and have strong maternal instinct.

Personal Reflection…

Bears are strong, capable creatures that are protective and nurturing of their young. Bear people do require solitude, but love other people deeply.

When feeling pressured by life, bear people often retreat and want to be left alone. It’s important to use those introspective times for growth and exploring answers to problems within. You can’t and shouldn’t stay hidden away forever.

Dream Symbolism

To dream of fighting a bear means a personal victory over a hostile situation. Dreaming of a caged bear symbolizes success or victory in overcoming obstacles.

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