Blue Jay Totem

Blue Jay Totem

Blue Jays are intelligent birds known for their bright blue and white feathers and their loud voice. They have strong family bonds and form complex social systems. They have the ability to mimic the calls of hawks and use this to scare away not only hawks themselves, but other birds as well. This allows them to take over and dominate a territory.

Blue jays are beautiful, but known for being aggressive towards other birds. This is one reason they are a popular team mascot, they are smart, shrewd and have a fighting spirit. Blue Jays benefit the forests due to their natural love of acorns which is important for the growth of oak trees. The blue jay totem is known for tenacity and quick wit.

Personal Reflection…

A visit from a bluejay totem is often to remind you to understand and use your own voice. This totem tends to show up around those with good speaking skills and those who can persuade.

Bluejay is very colorful, talkative and flamboyant and as a totem encourages boldness, determination, and strong communications skills. Bluejay people inspire courage and strength in others.

Blue Jay Dream Symbolism

The blue jay in a dream speaks of inappropriate use of power, bullying or being confrontational. You may encounter someone like this in your circle or it may be a reminder to “tone it down” a bit so that you are not perceived as being aggressive or arrogant.

Learn More About the Blue Jay

One interesting fact about these distinctive birds is that pairs mate for life and are wholly monogamous. Learn even more about them that you probably didn’t know in the video posted below.