Butterfly Totem

Butterfly Totem

The butterfly is a colorful, delightful symbol of transition and growth. People with the butterfly totem are joyful people who appear to others as bright and cheerful.

Butterfly people tend to be optimistic and are always looking for ways to grow and improve. Butterflies teach us that change is positive and should be embraced.

Personal Reflection…

Butterflies are born after a period of struggle. Without the struggle the wings would not be strong enough to allow the butterfly to take wing. Often our challenges in life give us the ability to “spread our wings” and reach new heights. When butterflies appear to you, embrace change with optimism and joy for the experience.

Dream Symbolism

Butterflies in dreams symbolize social, romantic, and domestic happiness. They can also symbolize positive changes being in the works and creative inspirations.

Facts About Butterflies

Have you ever taken notice of the beauty of the Monarch butterfly? They are easily identifiable by their gorgeous orange and black coloring. During their lifespan, they make incredible migratory journeys in an effort to keep their species going.

Sadly, due to human encroachment, this beautiful creature is quickly reaching endangered status. Learn more in the gripping documentary below.