Cardinal Totem

Cardinal Totem

The cardinal symbolizes renewal and pride. Cardinal males are bright and stand out in stark contrast to the environment, particularly during the winter months. Cardinal people are also unique and tend to stand out.

Cardinal people are creative, innovative, and persistent. The bird is a full-season bird, it sticks to its territory year round. People with this totem animal also form strong attachments to home.

Personal Reflection…

Cardinals show up to teach you responsibility and how to have the courage to be who you are and let yourself stand out in the crowd. When you see this little bird it can often mean a little happy surprise that is coming to “color your world” or to provide a blessing in your life that will encourage you on your current creative or inspired endeavors.

Dream Symbolism

Dreams involving cardinals are said to portend happy gatherings of friends and family, a period where you may be more socially active and involved than usual. They can also speak of successful business developments.

Interesting Facts About Cardinals

The beautiful cardinal is easily recognizable by the lovely red coloring of the male bird. Did you know that their song actually varies by the region they live?

Sort of like the difference in accents among people from different regions of the states. Learn more about them in the HD mini-bio below.