Condor Totem

Condor Totem

Condors are born with their eyes open, but lack vocal cords. To make sound, they force air through the body to produce grunts and hisses. They also show their emotions through changes in their skin color.

Condors have been on the verge of extinction, at one point having none left in the wild. Great reintroductions efforts have been successful. Today, there are a few hundred in the wild.

Condors eat carrion and are mother nature’s cleaning crew. They serve a very vital and often overlooked role.

Personal Reflection…

People with the condor totem have great vision and can show great depths of emotion via art or other visual means. Condor symbolizes strength through its ability to survive despite great odds.

People with this totem are visionaries who have endured struggles. They are called to recognize the important role they play in the grand scheme of things.

Dream Symbolism

To dream of a condor means you have, or are about to gain, great insight into a situation. Condors are also symbols of the sun and can speak of illumination, power, and spirituality.

Fascinating Facts About Condors

The condor is one of the oldest animals in existence. They once flew alongside sabre toothed tigers. This amazing creature has an astounding 9 foot wing span. At one point only 24 remained, all in captivity.

The others were killed off due to human behaviors that placed them in great danger. The TED talk below highlights the amazing journey this bird has undergone. Learn fascinating facts and how you can help animals on the brink to survive.