Coyote Totem

Coyote Totem

The coyote symbolizes playfulness, nonsense, intelligence, cunning and joy. Coyote people form strong family bonds and are quite willful. People with a coyote totem are adaptable, opportunistic, and versatile. Quite often they are practical jokers and the life of a party.

Coyotes are considered “tricksters” in many cultures due to their cunning hunting techniques.  Coyotes run their prey to exhaustion towards a hidden pack member who then finishes the kill.

People with coyote totems are cunning as well. Coyote’s barks are shrill and distinctive and how they call their pack together. Coyote people can use their own voice in ways that draw people together also, but may sometimes have a hidden agenda.

Personal Reflection…

Coyote totem strengths are adaptability, communication, strong ties to family and working well with others. The challenge with coyote as a totem can be deception, either allowing ourselves to be deceived by others or being inclined to deceive or manipulate others to get our own way.

The Coyote asks you to discern your true motivations and to “play fair” with others.

Dream Symbolism

Coyotes in dreams often appear when you feel someone has “played you” or mistreated you somehow. It can indicate a person with an agenda or a need to be more cunning yourself to avoid being taken advantage of by another.

Learn More About Coyote

The fascinating coyote is an amazing pack animal that hunts with extreme precision. Sadly, due to encroaching humans, Coyote has faced its share of new challenges.

The video below shares not only facts about these beautiful animals, but talks about the needless hunting of them for sport and how we can better co-exist together.