Crab Totem

Crab Totem Meaning

Crab totem symbolism includes protection, rebirth, and deep emotions. Crab people are usually very sensitive, guarded people who take a long time to open up and trust others. Crab teaches us to shield ourselves when necessary, but not to let our emotions get the better of us.

Cancer is the astrology sign associated with this animal. Crabs are meticulous housekeepers, devoting a great deal of time to maintaining their space, and crab people tend to also have deep connections with their homes.

Crabs are also known for their sideways walk – and symbolize the importance of being able to walk in new directions in life.

Personal Reflection…

When crab appears to you ask yourself if you have been too isolated and withdrawn from others? Are your emotions getting the better of you at this time?

Crab people have the wonderful ability to feel to the depths of their soul – which can be a great gift in joyful times and can be very tough in challenging times. Avoid the instinctive call to “withdraw” or hide. Face your fears head on.

Dream Symbolism

Crabs in your dreams can indicate a need to be aware of those who don’t have your best interests at heart. If they pinch you, you should pay very close attention to those in your inner circle and be careful who you trust.

Eating a crab in your dreams is said to mean a period of good luck or good fortune coming your way.

Fun Crab Facts

There are numerous species of crab, and all of them are quite fascinating. Learn more about the largest species of crab on Earth below. This imposing creature can reach 12 feet in length from claw to claw. Yikes! Good thing it’s known to have a gentle disposition.