Crane Totem Animal

Crane Totem Animal

Crane totem animal symbolism includes longevity, intelligence, innovation, and honor. Cranes have been widely revered in many cultures for centuries.

Crane people are secretive, very protective of themselves and their families. Cranes mate for life and can live for decades, as such they symbolize loyalty and longevity.

They are long and graceful as they fly fully extended with their necks outstretched and their legs straight out behind them. This symbolizes touching the past and looking towards the future simultaneously.

Personal Reflection…

When Crane comes into your life you are being challenged to use your past to better your present/future. Crane people can be fierce fighters when necessary and because of this they can reach new heights. Crane people are often called upon to take something from their past and improve upon it, using innovation or new methods to solve old problems.

Crane Dream Symbolism

A Crane flying in your dreams is said to be a good omen, but if it is on the ground it is a sign of troubles of your own creation.

Learn About Cranes

In 1942, only 22 whooping cranes remained in existence. Thanks to the group featured in the film below, these birds were brought back and taught once again how to live in the wild.

It’s an amazing story of compassion and resilience about the ongoing struggle to keep this species alive and well.