Dove Totem

Dove Totem

The dove totem symbolizes peace and vision and is a favorite icon in many cultures. Doves mate for life and both parents take turns caring for their young.

They are prolific and may raise as many as 6 broods per year. Dove symbolizes strong parental instinct and family loyalty. It’s distinctive, gentle song is soothing and brings peace to those who hear it.

Personal Reflection…

When a dove totem appears it symbolizes strong family bonds, making peace with things in your life, and reaching out to others in the spirit of gentleness.

Caring and compassionate, dove people are often called to be peacemakers in their careers as activists, healers, or any other field where they can bring peace to others.

Dove Dream Symbolism

To dream of a dove symbolizes a peaceful solution to a problem. Flocks of doves are said to foretell a period of travel.

Learn More About Doves

The mini documentary below is a fascinating look at Mourning Doves. Easily recognized by their grey, spotted coloring and their distinct calls.