Falcon Totem

Falcon Totem

The Falcon symbolizes strength, spirit, and vision. Falcon people like to see everything that is happening around them and are very likely to initiate and lead activities. Falcon teaches us how to recognize opportunities and sieze them through a willingness to see all the possibilities.

Falcons can fly high and their long, narrow wing shape allows them to change direction very suddenly and dive with amazing speed. Falcon people are able to rise above and quickly alter course also when needed.

Personal Reflection…

Falcon comes into your life to tell you to take more initiative. Actively seek new opportunities as you work to navigate any current challenges. Falcons encourage insight, initiative, and leadership. When they appear they encourage you to be proactive.

Falcon Dream Symbolism

Falcons in dreams signify important choices or decisions being made. They also symbolize inner strength.

Facts About the Peregrene Falcon

The incredibly intelligent and agile Peregrine Falcon is one of my favorite birds to watch. We see them often and they are beautiful and extremely fast!  Learn more about them in the video below.