Flamingo Totem

Flamingo Totem

Flamingos are bright, very social animals who are very family oriented. Both birds in the species are responsible for nesting and care of the young. Flamingo people tend to be vibrant, outgoing, and even flirtatious.

Flamingos display amazing balance often standing on one foot and pulling the other close to the body to maintain body heat. Flamingo people are also well-balanced and resourceful – not letting anything go to waste.

Personal Reflection…

Flamingo appears to encourage you to be more vibrant and social, to truly enjoy the company of others and take time out to play. Flamingo people need the social structure of groups and do very well as community organizers or group leaders.

Their natural charm, coupled with their ability to take on and share responsibilities equally, make flamingo people great teammates and partners.

Flamingo Dream Symbolism

A Flamingo flying symbolizes new experiences forthcoming, if they are grounded it can indicate some unexpected worries ahead.

Facts About Flamingos

These incredible birds get their coloring directly from their diet. Some are almost fully white, while others are a vibrant shade of pink – it all depends on what they eat. You can learn more fun facts about them in less than a minute via the “fast facts” segment below.