Fox Animal Symbolism Totem Meaning

The fox is such an amazing creature.  Sometimes when I go for hikes in quiet areas of the woods, I am lucky enough to see them briefly.  They will look at you with such an intense gaze even as they hide themselves in the underbrush.

Foxes are very adaptable creatures, mainly due to necessity as more and more encroachment into their natural habitats takes place.

Although they are usually quiet, during mating season the Vixens will yelp and it sounds a lot like a banshee screaming.  It’s truly unnerving if you hear her at night and don’t know what you are hearing.  It’s almost like screams for help from a child or woman – very interesting to listen to!

You can hear fox calls and learn more about the amazing fox totem on my website, Totem Wisdom.

If you love the fox, feel free to pin or share this post. I just adore their red-orange coloring and the eyes that match.  Truly beautiful creatures.

Fox animal symbolism includes: stealth, cunning, independence, adaptability, mindfulness, trickery, and deception.

fox totem info graphic