Fox Totem

Fox Totem

Fox symbolizes cunning, stealth, adaptability and solitude. They are found in a variety of locations and hide themselves well from the outside world despite their bright colors. Fox is also adaptable enough to survive encroaching humans and other environmental upheavals.

Fox people tend to be solitary individuals and are quite comfortable with that. Fox people have a love of home and can be very flexible.

Foxes rely on their stealth and cunning to catch their prey. Fox people are also very adaptable and tend to rely on their inner guidance to navigate the outer world.

Personal Reflection…

Fox comes up to remind us of the need to be independent and self-reliant. They can warn us to watch out or be mindful of the hidden agendas of others, but not to become paranoid or close ourselves off completely.

Fox speaks of the ability to tap into intuition and inner instincts to find answers to our questions.

Fox Dream Symbolism

A fox in a dream is a cautionary symbol of potential danger. Pay close attention to what surrounds you, you may be wise to blend into your surroundings at this time.

Learn More About Foxes

Foxes are usually quiet, but during mating season, or when protecting their den or fighting over territory, they make an abundance of sounds that can be alarming to those who have never heard them before.

A female (vixen) lets out a call that sounds like a banshee screaming – when you know what it is, it’s really very interesting. Listen to their calls and see their lovely images in the video below.