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Use this free totem reading feature to choose a totem helper for today. When you draw your free totem reading below you will be taken to one of the totem animal pages at random. Allow the lessons and wisdom of that particular animal to guide your course for the day.

Alternatively, you can focus on a particular issue or challenge you are facing and ask what animals wisdom can give you the help you need on your path right now.

As you contemplate the area of concern you are seeking help with, allow your animal’s characteristics to show you what you need to solve problems or come up with creative new solutions.

I recommend keeping notes about the animal you choose. Consider its meaning and how that meaning can apply to your life and your situation. Meditation and reflection allow us to open up to new ideas and possibilities.

As you learn more about your chosen animal, or other animals you feel drawn to for that matter, you can assimilate those bits of wisdom into your day and feel more connected with life itself and all the possibilities.

Tracking the animals you draw and comparing their message with what is going on around you can help you see patterns and learn new behaviors that will help you better navigate challenges and make the most of opportunities.

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