Frog Totem

Frog Totem

Frogs symbolize strength, adaptability, and creativity. People with frog totems are creative thinkers who can adapt well to any environment. Frogs have strong legs that allow them to hop and navigate the land with ease, however they are born in water and tend to live both on land and in the water.

In Japanese culture, frogs are believed to bring good fortune. They tend to show up around well-rounded and adventurous people who are both practical, yet creative – the right combination for success.

Personal Reflection…

Frogs appear to teach us about being adaptable to our environment. Frog people are often creative and expressive usually through voice talent or music.

In the wild, frogs use their “voice” and their distinct calls to attract mates. Frog comes to tell you to pursue your dreams and establish your “voice” – but to do so in a down-to-earth practical manner. Look before you leap can be the message of frog.

Frog Dream Symbolism

Frogs in dreams are said to be a general omen of good luck and rewards for long-standing efforts and persistence.

Interesting Facts About Frogs

There are many different species of frogs, too many to cover individually here, however many frogs share common interesting characteristics, for instance, many species sleep with their eyes open. The quick video below shares some other interesting frog facts.