Honey Bee Totem

Honeybee Totem

Honeybee symbolizes productivity, accomplishment, and group dynamics. Bee people are often highly energetic and natural multi-taskers who feel a strong sense of duty and obligation to serve their colonies.

Bee teaches the sweetness of victory that comes from being productive and working hard with strong goals in mind.

Personal Reflection…

When a honey bee appears to you it is important that you honor yourself and value your hard work. Those who know what they are capable of are destined to succeed.

Honeybee’s tell you to recognize the important contributions you have to offer the world. Even in the crowd, there is only one of you and your contribution matters.

Honeybee Dream Symbolism

Bees in dreams are seen as a sign of good things to come – positive rewards for your efforts. If you kill a bee in a dream it is suggested to be guarded about who you are trusting in your inner circle.

Learn About Honeybees

This humble little creature bears a great weight of responsibility and their existence is vital to life itself. They keep our entire ecosystem functioning with their role as a pollinator. Unfortunately, there has been a sharp and rapid decline in their population.

Their extinction could be potentially catastrophic for humankind. Learn more about this ongoing problem and what you can do to help by watching the documentary posted below.