Ladybug Totem

Ladybug Totem

The ladybug symbolizes love, protection, and good fortune. They are used often in gardens because of their voracious appetites that allow them to eat up to 5,000 aphids during their 6 week life-cycle, making them the protector of gardens.

Ladybug is colorful and many people find them to be cheerful and delightful not realizing the full extent of their power and usefulness. Their bright color allows them to deter predators. Ladybug people tend to be very nurturing, protective and highly resourceful.

Personal Reflection…

When ladybugs appear they are a sign from the universe that you are being protected and that you are safe as you work hard to promote yourself and your ideas.

Ladybug tells you to be cheerful in your work and to share the joy of your creativity with others.

Ladybug Dream Symbolism

Seeing a ladybug in your dreams is a sign of success in your current ventures.  They represent resourcefulness and the determination to succeed.

Learn More About Ladybugs

These cute little critters live in many countries throughout the world. They feast on garden pests and make a great ally during the growing season. In the winter they hibernate in large clusters to keep warm.

Learn more in the quick video (less than a minute) linked below. There are so many reasons to love these little bugs.