Lobster Totem

Lobster Totem

The lobster totem symbolizes independence and solitude, longevity, and regeneration. For a lobster to grow, they must shed their shells. They live lives of seclusion, hiding themselves on the seafloor among the rocks and seaweed.

Their life spans are long, up to 50 years, and they grow continuously throughout their entire life cycle.

Water creatures speak of passion, emotion, the inner self. The Lobster speaks of the need to shed our outer shell, to go within as the keys to personal growth lie within our inner world.  Those who seek also grow continually.

Personal Reflection…

When you see a lobster as your totem animal it speaks of the need to heed your own instincts and inner wisdom and not rely so much on the opinions of the outer world. Lobster tells you to not let others define you, break free from restriction and pursue continued growth throughout your life.

Lobster speaks of a need to seek solace in solitude, take that time to better understand your deeper nature and you will find true fulfillment.

Lobster Dream Symbolism

Live lobsters in dreams symbolize potential upcoming difficulties. If you eat a lobster in a dream it is said to symbolize something lost being found or returned to you.

Out of 700,000 born, only 3% will survive. Lobsters also have very long life spans. Learn more below.