Praying Mantis Totem

Praying Mantis Totem

Mantis symbolizes stillness, vision, and careful, deliberate actions. Mantis has large eyes and the ability to turn it’s head 180 degrees, making it a very formidable predator. Mantis sits absolutely still until it’s ready to strike. Once it takes action, it’s motion is swift and precise.

The large front legs give the illusion that it is praying. Mantis tells us of the importance of silence and stillness when looking for our answers. Looking at all the options allows us to know the right time to act. Once we know what we need to do, it is important to move quickly and decisively.

The Praying Mantis is often sold to gardeners to protect the crops. They perfectly camouflage themselves in various shades of green and brown and wait patiently to ambush their prey, taking out large insects like grasshoppers that can quickly decimate a garden space. Ferocious yet protective, Mantis speaks of cunning, patience, and higher service.

Personal Reflection…

When Mantis appears to you carefully consider all the angles, look at things from a broad perspective. Take quiet time for meditation and reflection. When the right moment to act appears you will know it instinctively.  In life, when we “do battle” it is always best to be prepared.

Praying Mantis Dream Symbolism

A Mantis in your dream can indicate that you feel victimized or “preyed upon” by others. It can also symbolize the need to blend into your surroundings or to camouflage yourself.

If you are facing a challenge it warns you to not lash out in haste, but to use strategy to your advantage.

Facts About Praying Mantis

Masters of camouflage and fierce predators, these creatures are amazing to watch. They can also be an excellent addition to your garden! Learn more about them below.