Moose Totem

Moose Totem

The moose is a symbol of pride, life, and strength. In nature, the Moose despite its large size, is able to move around quickly and almost silently. It is a solitary creature that moves with grace and confidence.

People with the moose totem have an instinctive sense of balance. They know when to use kindness and strength. Moose people are also wise beyond their years. The moose teaches us how to honor and reward ourselves when we have worked hard.

Personal Reflection…

Those who carry Moose as a totem are called upon to bridge seeming oppositions in their life. Moose is both awkward and graceful, strange and yet awe inspiring.

Moose people are called upon to embrace their individualism, to show courage in being their authentic selves, but to do so with grace and gentleness. People with a Moose totem are compelled to seek truth and guidance within themselves.

Moose Dream Symbolism

Dreaming of a moose in the wild is a sign of a beneficial change coming. If you harm it, then it is a sign of unresolved family problems. A baby moose is said to be an omen of forthcoming good luck.

Interesting Facts About Moose

A moose can reach 6 feet tall at the shoulders with antlers that are 5 feet wide. They look very imposing, but this member of the deer family develops and keeps its enormous size through a strictly vegetarian diet. Learn more about these intriguing creatures below.