Otter Totem

Otter Totem

The otter symbolizes strong family bonds, adaptability, maternal instincts, playfulness, and being good natured. Otters are monogamous creatures who mate for life. although it is the female who raises the offspring almost completely alone. Otters frolic in the water and play, but they are also skillful hunters and require a great deal of food to survive.

They represent family bonds, the ability to both work hard and play hard and appreciation for one’s home and surroundings. Mother otters are often seen playing with their children which also teaches their young much needed survival skills. Otters are equally comfortable and agile in the water and on land, symbolizing adaptability.

Personal Reflection…

When otter comes into your life it reminds you to take time to play and enjoy your life. If you’ve been working too hard – take time to stop and smell the roses. The opposite also applies, if you find you’ve been playing too much, it may be time to find a better work/recreational balance.

Otters speak of strong maternal instincts and strong bonds with children. They show up to remind you of the importance of caring for your own needs so that you may better care for those who depend on you. When otter shows up it encourages you to take life as it comes and enjoy the journey.

Otter Dream Symbolism

Otters in your dream symbolize playfullness and freedom, taking a break from hard work and recharging.

Learn More About Otters

This PBS video shows a year in the life of a family of otters in the beautiful Yellowstone National Park – fascinating. Watch their habits, their close calls with predators and much more. Kept me on the edge of my seat!