Owl Totems Meaning and Inspiration

Owl totems are intense and they tend to appear as guardians and power totems to those with psychic or shamanic abilities.

Owls are the protectors of the walkers between worlds.  They also challenge you to see and hear hidden, inner truths in order to overcome the shadow tendencies and blossom into more of your potential.

Owl people can see straight through the darkness in others to the heart of the matter,  but first they have to be willing to face and deal with their own darkness.

This is a test of endurance and spiritual strength.  Owl often comes into your world to help you clear karma and release the past so you can grow into more of your potential.

If the owl totem is appearing to you – you are in for a period of awakening and the ride may be a bit bumpy at first, but worth the journey ultimately.  Pay attention to your psychic impressions when Owl appears.

owl totems meaning