Panda Totem

Panda Totem

Pandas are a rare gem in the wild and very difficult to spot. Although they are known for their very bold, contrasting black and white colors; they are masters of being elusive. They hide from each other and are very good climbers and swimmers despite their large size.

Panda’s eat mostly bamboo and are not often open to eating other foods, though sometimes they will eat rodents or birds. They are often teetering on the edge of malnutrition despite the large amount of bamboo they consume, because they struggle to get enough nutrients in their limited diet.

Panda people are very unique individuals who have a lot of contrasts or conflicts within themselves that may cause them to “hide” rather than really allow themselves to be seen. Panda people require a lot of encouragement and soul nourishment to really reach their fullest potential and realize just how special they truly are.

Some panda people are also very “picky” and as such may suffer from ill health due to their poor diet.

Personal Reflection…

When panda comes to visit you it can be to tell you that you are not getting enough of what you need – either in your diet or even in the form of “soul food” to encourage and inspire you. Pandas come to tell you that you are special and unique.

If panda appears, ensure that you are giving yourself what you need in order to be healthy mentally, physically and spiritually. Reach out to those who are supportive and will encourage you to not hide yourself away.

Panda Dream Symbolism

To dream of a panda means a need to stop focusing on your worries and problems – what we resist persists.

Facts About Giant Pandas

The panda is a large, but very gentle creature that survives only on Bamboo. It’s limited diet and human encroachment have led this distinctive animal to the edge of extinction. Great strides are being made to save these precious animals. Learn more about them below.