Panther Totem

Black Panther Totem

The panther symbolizes courage, strength, and assertiveness. People with this totem are often solitary, comfortable in their own territory. Many people with panther totems are born already experiencing clairaudience or “clear hearing” – the psychic sense that allows them to hear messages from the spirit world.

Pather’s primary duty is to help people face fears of death and darkness, enabling them to open up further to their psychic senses.

Personal Reflection…

Black panther is a rare gem – one filled with mystery. Panther represents stealth, strength, and awareness. It’s eyes are piercing as if it can look right through your soul.

Panther tells you to look at your fears head on – to face them through being assertive – but not aggressive. Panther teaches self-sufficiency and developing faith in one’s ability.

Panther Dream Symbolism

Calm panthers in dreams symbolize prosperity. If it is aggressive or attacks you it tells you that you need to be cautious in your business affairs.

Facts About Panther

Black Panthers (aka black leopard or black cougar) are endangered due to excessive hunting and human encroachment into their territories. These large, solitary cats are beautiful and steeped in mystery. Learn 13 facts about panthers in the video below.