Rabbit Totem

Rabbit Totem

Rabbit represents caution, fertility, rebirth, and safety in numbers. Rabbits live in a variety of climates and habitats and are adaptable. They nest in groups and are very prolific despite their short life span.

They often feed at night eating large amounts of vegetation which make them bothersome to farmers/gardeners. Rabbits are very cautious and scare easily, running at great speeds to escape danger. Rabbit teaches us about the innate “fight or flight” response, safety in numbers, and how to promote safety.

Personal Reflection…

If rabbit appears to you it could indicate that you are working through current fertility issues. They also tend to appear when we are tempted to “run away” from a problem or fear rather than facing it head on.

If rabbit has appeared to you, ask yourself what it is that you are afraid of and how can you address this fear in a constructive manner.

Rabbit Dream Symbolism

To dream of many rabbits is a sign of more responsibilities coming your way.  A single rabbit can be an omen of good luck.  Hopping rabbits may be telling you to stop “hopping from thing to thing” and focus better.

Learn More About Rabbits

Many rabbits end up in rescue due to people adopting them as pets not really knowing what to expect. Domesticated rabbits live much longer than their wild counterparts and require a great deal of care and attention.

Learn more myths about rabbits below, especially if you are considering one for a pet.