Raccoon Totem

Raccoon Totem

The raccoon totem symbolizes curiosity, adaptability, resourcefulness, and illusion. The masked face and ringed tail are what give the raccoon its distinctive look. Raccoons are very versatile creatures who will feed on nearly anything and nest wherever there is an easy opportunity.

Raccoons are “tricksters”. They are keenly intelligent with a natural curiosity that often trumps fear. They will “steal” food and resources when the opportunity arises.  They are also known for being meticulously clean.

Raccoon people tend to wear many masks in life as well, often feeling the need to hide their “true self” behind their persona. Raccoon people are very intelligent and often self-taught with a wide range of skills.

Personal Reflection…

Raccoon appears to show you the many faces we present to others and to challenge you to live more authentically. Raccoon also presents lessons in resourcefulness and learning to reuse and re-purpose items.

Raccoons natural curiosity is something that needs to be explored and raccoon people should indulge their inner desires for adventure and exploration by trying new things or experiencing new places.

Raccoon Dream Symbolism

Raccoons in dreams symbolize a beneficial “hidden” discovery that is coming your way – be on the lookout for unusual opportunities.

Learn More About Raccoons

Raccoons are very adaptable creatures and they are more closely related to bears than rodents.  These incredibly clever creatures have adjusted well to sharing space with humans, and fare better in cities and suburbs than they do in the country in many cases.

Learn more in the National Geographic video below.