Sandpiper Totem

Sandpiper Totem

The sandpiper symbolizes speed, exploration, paternal instinct and resourcefulness. In the wild, different breeds of sandpipers have bills of different lengths which ensure they don’t have to directly compete for food sources.

Sandpipers move quickly on land and are often seen darting about in and out of the ocean waves feeding on everything from bugs to crustaceans.

Males are the primary incubators of the eggs. Their vast diets and lack of competition make them among the most versatile shore birds.

Personal Reflection…

Sandpipers are very busy little birds, always running around in and out of the water. They are actually better adapted to running on land than flying and can remind you to be more grounded as you work if you are prone to being “flighty”.

Sandpipers have strong focus on the task at hand and are very adaptable to their environment. They can visit you to tell you to be both flexible and focused in your work.

Sandpiper Dream Symbolism

A sandpiper in your dream can indicate a need to listen to something being said that you may not want to hear.

Facts About Sandpipers

There are several species of shorebirds known as sandpipers, some are common and some, like the spoon billed sandpiper are critically endangered with great efforts being made to save them.

They are most unusual since the females are the ones who establish and defend territory and the males take on the more dominant parental role. These birds are incredibly cute to watch as they run in and out of the waves at feeding time. You can see more in the video below.