Seahorse Totem

Seahorse Totem

The seahorse symbolizes the unusual, things that are not as they appear, loyalty, and being good natured. Seahorses mate for life and not only that, the males are the ones that bear the young, carrying them in their pouch – now how’s that for unusual?

Seahorses often work themselves to exhaustion trying to move through choppy waters. They also have voracious appetites and need to feed almost constantly to sustain themselves.

Seahorse people tend to be very colorful and energetic. Sometimes they don’t know when to slow down and will overwork themselves.

Personal Reflection…

When seahorses come to visit it means consider all the possibilities! Don’t limit your perceptions based on preconceived notions because things are not always as they seem.

Seahorses can also bring a message to not overdo or work yourself to the point of exhaustion. You should be sure that you are meeting all of your own needs before taking on too many other responsibilities.

Seahorse Dream Symbolism

Seahorses in dreams are said to foretell happy adventures and experiences in the near future.

Learn More About Seahorses

The Seahorse is such an unusual and endearing creature. There are several species, many of whom are endangered. Learn more about their lives and habits in the documentary below.