Shadow Totems

What are Shadow Totems?

Are there one or more animals that you have found elicit a negative response? Do you feel afraid or just uneasy around them? If you have a phobia in particular it may be a shadow totem. Shadow totems help you manage and conquer fears and work through different life challenges.

It should also be noted that not every animal we fear necessarily fits the bill. There are many biological imperatives for feeling fear around certain creatures. Most people will feel startled if they come upon a large snake in the wild for example.

However, if your fear of snakes goes beyond natural fear, for example if you’ve had nightmares about them from a young age; that’s more in line with shadow energies.

How to Discover your Shadow Totem

For this exercise you want to relax and close your eyes in a place where you feel comfortable and know you are safe. Take some deep breaths and relax as deeply as possible and as you become more relaxed, picture a heavy wooden door in front of you.

Behind this door is a glass screen that you can see through. Knowing that your animal is encased in the glass will allow you to feel safe enough to open the door and see what lies behind it. When you feel ready, open the door and what you see there will be your shadow totem.

If this exercise doesn’t work the first few times, don’t give up on it. It’s a bit of a psychological exercise as well in that you are consciously seeking out something you fear. For that reason, meditating on your shadow may prove to be much more difficult than meditation on a power animal.