Skunk Totem

Skunk Totem

The skunk totem symbolizes solitude, self-reliance, distinctiveness and attraction. Skunks are nocturnal and also represent intuition and inner guidance. Skunks are beautiful, and non-aggressive unless provoked.

Their distinct pattern and memorable smell make most predators steer clear – except owls and that’s likely only because they don’t have noses ;).

Skunks are beautiful animals that are distinguishable from a great distance. They symbolize the need to be who we are, to live authentically regardless of the opinions of others. They give us the courage to walk the talk and put ourselves out there.

Personal Reflection…

If skunk appears to you it is to help you build confidence in yourself and to develop more strength of will and independence. Skunk people are not pretentious and feel compelled to live true to self without the need for approval of others to define them.

Skunk appears to help you develop trust in yourself (intuition) and to show you how to live life on your own terms by forming healthy boundaries with others.

Skunk Dream Symbolism

If you see or smell a skunk in a dream it is said to indicate some temporary disappointments or upsets forthcoming, but they should be short-lived.

Learn More About Skunks

Despite their reputation for being unpleasant, skunks are rarely aggressive unless they feel threatened or are protecting their young. They can be very sweet and some are even turned into pets (although I personally don’t condone wild animals as pets). Learn more about them in the documentary below.