Snake Totem

Snake Totem

The snake totem symbolizes regeneration and rebirth, intelligence and knowledge, restlessness, and the energy of the consciousness (Kundalini). Snake sheds its skin, symbolizing the many layers of our personas and the need to shed our old identities so that new potential can emerge.

In some traditions, spiritual awakening is represented by the snake/serpent. Kundalini energy is said to be coiled at the base of the spine like a snake. As it awakens, it uncoils and rises like a serpent through the chakras.

Snake people are drawn to explore the deepest mysteries of life and will experience many “rebirths” throughout their lifetime.  They are drawn to exploring many different levels of consciousness.

Personal Reflection…

When snake comes to visit you it tells you that knowledge is power and to seek your inner source to conquer fears and renew your spirit. Snakes symbolize restlessness and the desire to seek and explore.

Snake encourages you to shed your layers so you can get to the core of your being and access your authentic self in its truest form.  They often appear to get us to face our darkness without fear, as doing so leads us to our inner light.

Snake Dream Symbolism

Snakes in dreams are usually symbols of facing fears and revealing more of your true nature.

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