Spider Totem

Spider Totem

The spider symbolizes hard work, creativity, unity, and freeing ourselves from being bound. Spiders spin intricate webs and spider web silk, although seemingly fragile, is one of the strongest fibers known to man.

Spiders are careful and diligent web weavers, knowing exactly how to ensnare their prey without getting caught themselves. Spiders symbolize creativity and those with spider totems are often involved in creative careers or somehow use their creativity to benefit others.

Personal Reflection…

When spider appears it may be to challenge you to see the ways in which you may remain trapped. Are you weaving your own web? Or are you becoming trapped by outer influences?

Spiders are often challenging totems, but they teach us how to create our own path in life. They also show us how to be a part of the whole as we walk our individual path. All things are connected and we are all one.

Spider Dream Symbolism

Spiders in dreams are typically good luck signs with the exception of Tarantulas which are said to symbolize illness and the need to tend to health matters.

Learn More About Spiders

Did you know the silk that spiders weave is the strongest material on Earth? Scientists have long been trying to replicate it for this reason.

Learn more fascinating things about Spiders via the video below.  I know a lot of people (including me) fear spiders, so I chose a piece that is lighthearted and funny instead of insanely creepy.

Spiders, despite the bad rap they get, are one of the most useful creatures on Earth.