Stingray Totem

Stingray Totem

The stingray symbolizes sensitivity, restraint, protection, and maneuverability. Stingrays have a heightened sense of touch and often show up around empaths or “feeling” psychics that pick up on the energy and emotions of others.

Stingrays blend into their surroundings on the ocean floor and are not aggressive unless provoked. When they feel threatened; they use a poisonous barb to defend themselves that can be lethal.

Stingrays go to great lengths to camouflage and avoid conflict, but will defend themselves when necessary.

Personal Reflection…

Stingrays may be telling you to not overreact to your emotions, to calm down and wait before reacting. Stingrays maneuver themselves quite well despite their size and shape and they tell us to also carefully maneuver the complex emotional waters of our inner world.

Balance and restraint are strong themes of this totem animal. When it appears to you; consider your actions carefully and allow your intuition to guide you rather than raw emotion.

Perhaps now it would be wise to stay under the radar a bit and not make a scene as you figure out your next move.

Stingray Dream Symbolism

Stingrays in dreams represent your emotions and how you may be hiding them from others. If it’s calm, it suggests maneuvering a challenge in your life with ease and grace.

If it is aggressive; it means you may be reacting to your emotions, rather than using careful deliberation in your approach, which could be costly.

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