Swan Totem

Swan Totem

Swan represents beauty, grace, long life, strength, and strong family bonds. It is a very powerful totem animal. In its life the Swan makes the transition from “ugly” duckling to beautiful swan. Swans mate for life and both genders are extremely protective of their young and work for the benefit of the family.

Swan people have to work to embrace their inner beauty and let it shine through. Swan people have a deep devotion to their family and are often self-sacrificing for the sake of their children.

It’s only through growth and experience however, that swans learn just how strong they really are. Migration seasons are demanding and require great strength. The arctic swans travel over 4,000 miles round trip each year.

Personal Reflection…

Swans tell us to look deeper, beauty is everywhere. When you see a swan appear to you it is a challenge to find your own inner strength and beauty, to focus on nurturing yourself as well as others.

Only the strong can make the journey. Swan reminds you to go with the flow of nature and allow your inner wisdom to guide you.

Swan Dream Symbolism

White swans in dreams are said to be a positive sign for relationships and other partnership decisions. A black swan in your dreams might be telling you of potential business setbacks.

Learn More About Swans

Swans are fantastic creatures who are monogamous and mate for life.  Both swan parents work hard to nurture and protect their young.  Swans can fly as fast as 60mph.  Watch these beautiful birds in action in the video below.