Tiger Totem

Tiger Totem

Tigers are nocturnal creatures and most tiger people find they do their best work in the evening hours. Tiger people are very sensual and deep feeling creatures whose bold colors truly stand out.

Tiger people are typically very outgoing and magnetic. They can function in groups, but tend to be solitary. Mother tigers are extremely devoted to their cubs.

Personal Reflection…

When tiger shows up around you it tells you to be bold and let your work and talents speak for themselves. Tiger people are prone to intense emotional highs and lows and should work to maintain balance in this area.

When tiger shows up in your life you may find yourself compelled to keep odd hours and that your creativity shines truly shines through at night.

Tiger Dream Symbolism

A captive tiger in your dreams is a sign of repressed emotions. If it’s running free in the wild it symbolizes exerting your power and if it attacks you it is a sign of emotional disturbances that scare you.

Learn More About Tiger

The number of Tigers in the wild has dropped by up to 95% due to acts like illegal hunting.  Most are now in captivity, but great efforts are underway to save them and bring back their numbers.  Learn more about these precious animals in the video below.