How to Identify Your Animal Totem

How to Identify Your Totem Animal

There are many different exercises you can use to identify your totem animal(s).  They are listed below.  Take your time and give each technique a real chance.  It takes patience and persistence; you may not have a breakthrough right away and that’s ok.  Give it time.

Exercises to Discover Your Totem Animals

Remember as you go to do these exercises that no animal is better than another. There is often a temptation to see what one wants to see or to pick something that is popular.

Whether your totem is a Wolf or an Ant – neither one is better. They both teach valuable lessons and you shouldn’t seek out a particular animal because it seems more powerful or more “cool” or whatever. Your animal is whatever is needed by you at the present time.

Exercise One Meditation

For this exercise you’ll want to be in a dark room or cover your eyes where no light comes in. Sit quietly, relaxed – but paying attention for 5 to 10 minutes. In your mind ask your animal to appear to you if it’s a good time for them. Be patient and see if anything comes through.

Often our animal friends will “peek” at us or you will see the highlight or an outline or maybe even the full vision of that animal in your minds eye. Be persistent. If you don’t see anything the first time, try again in a few days and in the meantime “speak” to your animal guides telling them you look forward to meeting them.

Exercise Two Dream Work

Use your dreams to make a connection. As you get ready to drift to sleep make an appeal to your animal spirit helpers to come to you in dream form. This is a common way for others to discover their totems and you may find that you have dreamt of this particular animal(s) before. Be sure to focus on your intent as you drift off to sleep.

Exercise Three Discover Your Shadow Totem

A shadow totem is one that comes to help you face fears and overcome obstacles on your life path that may sabotage you. These animals often invoke a sense of uneasiness or even fear when they appear, but their lessons are very valuable.

This part of the process can be perplexing; especially if it’s your shadow totem that appears to you first.  Often this is a way to help you overcome something you need to manage before your other spirit animals can work freely with you. 

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