Discover Your Animal Totems Free

So glad you are here and ready to discover more about working with animal spirit guides.  As you go through the lessons here, you are sure to discover a lot about yourself in the process.  So, let’s get started!

What are Animal Totems?

In various cultures, we learn the importance of the animals and the spiritual lessons and wisdom they represent. Every animal embodies unique characteristics that hold lessons for everyone. Known as an animals “medicine” these lessons impart wisdom to those who seek the higher guidance of their animal spirit guides.

Integrating these lessons with honor and respect for our animal friends makes us stronger and more connected to our inner spirit and the universe itself.

Totem animals can be anything from insects to birds, wild animals to the more domesticated. All of us can work with and learn from animal spirit wisdom.  In other words, an animal doesn’t necessarily have to be your spirit guide for you to learn from it.

Types of Totem Animals

There are a few different types of animal totems.

  • “Power Animals”: A power animal is a primary totem – one likely with you since birth or who sticks with you for life once you have discovered it. You’ll often find this is an unusual animal that you are drawn to very early on in life or that seems to always show up around you.
  • “Shadow Totems”: These are the animals that represent our deeper fears and insecurities. They come to help us develop courage and strength of character. Often these animals cause us to feel uneasy or afraid and may also seem to show up around us a lot.

Other totem animals may only appear to us for a brief time to assist with a specific problem or to give us a message that is meaningful in the present moment.

How to Discover Your Animal Spirit Guide or Totem Animal

If you don’t feel you have a totem animal, or you simply want to draw one into your life – ask. You can attempt to identify your animal spirit helper through a few different techniques.

Grab a journal and ask the following questions and see what responses you come up with…

  • What animal have I always been most drawn to?
  • What animal(s) am I afraid of for no “logical” reason?
  • What animals seem to show up around you a lot?
  • What animals have you noticed popping up in unusual locations?

Next we’ll look at some exercises you can use to connect with your animal spirit helpers.  Continue…