Totem Animal List

Totem Animal List

Below is an alphabetical totem animal list. Choose the animals you feel drawn to. This can be animals you have had dreams about, ones you’ve collected, and even ones you have a very strong aversion to.

You’ll learn what the animal symbolism means and how to apply that wisdom to your daily life.  I’ve also included documentary videos for most of the animals so you can learn more about what makes them special.  There’s something here for anyone who is drawn to the animals and I plan to add even more animals to the list as time allows.

I hope you enjoy your time here.  Don’t forget to also enjoy a Free Totem Reading before you go!

Alligator Cicada Fox
Panda Spider
Ant Condor Frog Panther Stingray
Armadillo Coyote Honeybee Pelican Swan
Badger Crab Hummingbird Rabbit Tiger
Bat Crane Ladybug Raccoon Turtle
Bear Deer Lobster Rooster Whale
Blue Jay Dove Mantis Sandpiper
Buffalo Eagle Moose Seahorse
Butterfly Falcon Otter Skunk
Cardinal Flamingo Owl Snake


So, What is your totem animal?

Your totem animal can be any animal that you feel drawn to. There are “power totems” and “shadow totems”. I have some exercises I’ve developed that will help you discover the animal spirits that guide you. Learn More…