Whale Totem

Whale Totem

Whale symbolizes communications, music, maternal instinct, and emotional sensitivity. Whales have a distinct sound and use their “songs” to communicate with one another.

Whales are excellent mothers and very protective of their young, keeping them very close to them while swimming. Mother whales are sometimes observed playing with their babies and demonstrating affection.

Whale people tend to be very expressive and are often musically gifted.  They explore and express their deep emotions through song or other creative outlets. Whale people often feel the emotions of others and are highly empathetic souls.

Personal Reflection…

When whale appears to you it inspires you to get in touch with your creative side, to express your emotions through song or sound. Whales are very protective and having one as your guide allows you to explore the depths of your inner world with greater ease.

Allow yourself to express your deeper emotions in constructive ways; explore the depths of your being with a sense of wonder.

Whale Dream Symbolism

Whales in dreams are said to be symbols of protection and a sign that your worries are coming to an end.

Learn More About Whale

There are several species of whale.  The Orca, my personal favorite, is also known as the “killer” whale.   They can be quite deadly to their enemies, but they are also very social creatures with keen intelligence.  Learn more about one of the Earth’s most beautiful creatures below.